Rapper Dies After Jumping-off Balcony To Hide From His Wife During Bisexual Threeway

Rapper Dies After Jumping Off Balcony To Full Cover Up From His Partner During Bisexual Threeway

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Rapper Dies After Jumping-off Balcony To Cover Up From His Wife During Bisexual Threeway

A prominent Brazilian rapper died after jumping from a balcony to flee their wife exactly who he thought involved to catch him in the course of a bisexual threesome. Kevin Nascimento Bueno, better-known as MC Kevin, had been thought to have dropped a number of tales from a hotel space in Rio de Janeiro while fleeing a threesome he had been having with his buddy, Victor Fontenelle, and manner design Bianca Domingues. After reading a knock in the home, Bueno freaked out and got in the place of deal with their spouse, Deolane Bezerra.

  1. Bueno’s wife had been contacting and texting him but failed to get a response.

    Relating to research, Bezerra ended up being said to being looking for Bueno round the lodge after neglecting to find him on their cellphone. Whenever a buddy knocked on hotel room home, Bueno believed that their partner had situated him and jumped through the balcony so he didn’t have to manage the girl.

  2. He was wanting to hop to a patio just under the balcony.

    However, in the place of hitting the terrace, the guy skipped and dropped five tales onto the share patio outside of the hotel. He’s got pronounced dead shortly after.

  3. Everyone else involved appeared to be beneath the effect.

    Domingues informed police that she’d only found Bueno before that mid-day whenever rap artist and his pal welcomed this lady returning to their unique hotel collection. Its uncertain if she realized Bueno had been married, though he and Bezerra had just traded vows three weeks previous. “we should point out that all testimonies report exorbitant use of alcohol and narcotic chemicals, illegal medications,”
    authorities head Antenor Junior. “exceptionally scared, focused on being caught cheating by his wife, the guy panicked and tried to go lower toward floor below when he slipped, fell and regrettably passed away.”

  4. Bezerra presumably hit Domingues.

    While both ladies were from the authorities section while doing so, Bezerra presumably struck Domingues, though it’s not clear exactly how major the altercation was actually and whether or not Bezerra was detained for all the assault.

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