Best Careers for Project Management Professionals in 2023

To become a Director, you would have to acquire a Bachelor’s degree in project management or a relevant field such as a business-related field. While a management degree may offer the transferrable skills for you to manage one sector to the next, depending on the firm, you might be required to hold a degree related to specific industry knowledge. If you ever encounter technical parts to the job, for example, software development, you can delegate this to a qualified team member. The main prerequisite for being a successful Project Manager is to acquire specific hard and soft skills. In addition, project Managers should demonstrate organizational, problem-solving, and communication skills.

project manager career

Requiring attention to detail, organization, and follow-through, project management jobs can be a great career avenue. Highly organized people capable of multitasking and leading others often thrive in project management careers. Work OS is the project management software that helps you and your team plan, execute, and track projects and workflows in one collaborative space. Manage everything from simple to complex projects more efficiently with the help of visual boards, 200+ ready-made templates, clever no-code automations, and easy integrations.

Senior Project Manager Roles

Besides giving progress reports, their ability to identify project risks and opportunities are crucial in their daily roles. Project managers might go on to become senior project managers, directors, or even vice presidents and other executives. Whether you’re just graduating from college or looking to pivot to a new career in project management, a professional certificate or certification could help enhance your resume to make you more appealing to hiring managers. According to the Job Growth and Talent Gap report from PMI, employers will need to fill some 2.2 million new project management-oriented roles each year through 2027 [3].

These are types of things that will be expected to get addressed during the interviewing and cover letter stage. But if you’re ready to see which project manager career paths exists, you’re in the right place. Individuals interested in this position also typically find some type of internship to gain on-the-job experience. Most internships involve working as part of the team being managed but allow the individual easy access to the project manager they work under; this gives the person the opportunity to observe how the project manager operates.

Assistant project manager skills

Career Employer is the ultimate resource to help you get started working the job of your dreams. We cover topics from general career Information, career searching, exam preparation with free study materials, career interviewing and becoming successful in your career of choice. It presents an adventure in the form of challenges, you can interact with people, and perhaps, the most appealing aspect – there is always an opportunity for growth and salary increments. These high-ranking positions are responsible for handling the internal operations of the business and implementing new strategies. In addition, your task would include establishing methodologies to set productivity and quality targets and assessing results for all projects. Being a Director is a very different role from being a Senior Project Manager in that the scope of work increases significantly and that Directors deal with complex projects.

project manager career

Project management uses processes, skills, tools and knowledge to complete a planned project and achieve its goals. It differs from general management because of the limited scope of a project, concrete deadlines and specific deliverables. The project manager will have to stay on top of deadlines and deliverables, but also take some time to shout out the team’s successes and make sure everyone feels supported in their roles. The overall team will only be able to finish the project if they have what they need and feel empowered in their roles.

Assistant project managers usually use this position to gain experience and proficiency in the industry so they can become project managers in the future. In most cases, you can pursue entry-level project manager positions if you hold a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field like business or project management. However, employers often prefer to hire candidates who hold PMI certifications, and PMI-certified professionals tend to earn higher salaries than their uncertified peers. Most companies require an assistant project manager to have a bachelor’s degree in business management. Some colleges and universities even offer specialized programs in project management.

  • Glassdoor reports an average of $8,830 in this additional pay, potentially bringing our average total pay to $74,665 as an assistant project manager [1].
  • As discussed in the previous section, Project Managers plan and oversee the completion of particular projects within an organization.
  • This person will interface extensively with ASH IT department leaders, program stakeholders, staff, and develop strong business relationships within the executive management team.
  • Assistant project managers usually use this position to gain experience and proficiency in the industry so they can become project managers in the future.
  • Project schedulers often work under the direct supervision of the project manager.

Requisite skills to become an assistant project manager include excellent organizational skills since updating and keeping track of the budget and planning are some of the key duties of the role. Organization is also imperative in this role because assistant project manager courses project managers may work on several projects at once. The requirements to attain this role vary depending on the job, but many companies prefer candidates with knowledge or experience in their specific industry, as well as management software skills.

A good way into project management is by starting as a Project Coordinator. While business knowledge, in general, is advantageous, there are no specific hard skill requirements for Project Managers. As discussed in the previous section, Project Managers plan and oversee the completion of particular projects within an organization. Along with planning projects, Project Managers also designate project resources, so they must be skilled at being team leaders, colleagues, and supervisors. This is because PMs are responsible for organizing, planning, and executing projects under various constraints, such as cost, time, and quality. Certain skills and abilities that are necessary for this position can only be learned by actually working in a management environment.

project manager career

There is plenty of space to move up as well as laterally within project management, making it an exciting field to enter. Choosing a methodology (or a combination of methodologies) is one of the first decisions you’ll make as a project manager. While being a Risk Manager is also a first-level management position, it is an easy transition. Considering a Senior Project Manager takes on more extensive projects than a Project Manager, a candidate who would ideally fit this position would have experience working through many projects. Your daily tasks would range from preparing reports, scheduling meetings, ordering supplies, and updating logs.

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